Being caffeinated is super awesome, but actually enjoying the taste of what you are consuming is way awesomer.


Coffee combines two of our favorite things- craft & community. We take our craft very seriously and are dedicated to the discipline it takes to be involved in the specialty coffee trade. It is our company’s passion and our barista’s obsession to continually make quality the highest priority. However, we understand once you start talking about coffee, you can take a hard right into the land of “coffee science.” It is by no means our goal to be elitist. Please don’t let our passion scare you. We welcome all. In the end, we'd like to think that our freakish-obsession over this plant will bind us together, because who doesn’t want a delicious cup of coffee.

We get our coffee from passionate people, Merit Coffee Co., who ethically and intentionally source and roast.


Coffee program’s goals:



Respect the time and energy it took for this agricultural product to exist on our door step. It takes so many people that care about their craft for the product to actually taste good.



We challenge ourselves to learn daily about the disciplines that will help us extract coffee in a way that delivers and excellent cup to your mouth ever single day.



In the end, we hope that our passions leave you enjoying your moment in our space, and that it leads you on a life long path of being infatuated with coffee and the caffeination high.