Applications & Culture

We want to thank you for your interest in being a part of our culture and community. We would like to share a little bit more about who we are what we stand for.

TEAM VISION: to breed an environment that doesn’t settle for just being OKAY. Having a passion for the subject matter to the highest degree. Understanding that the path of least resistance is the demise of all positive existence for humanity, a relationship, or an organization.

STANDARDS: the STITCH team will challenge each other with respect, human decency, and care to bring about the best experience to the customer. We as a team can’t allow for any food, beverage, or hospitality to not be exceptional.

COMPANY CULTURE: it is very important to understand that excellence is our goal and that goal is ever evolving. Some days we will all nail it. Some days none of us will nail it. Some days half of us will nail it. But we all fail and succeed together. The focus must be on how to make everyone successful. This is a place we all are striving to be better humans, teammates, and workers. When we come to work it is the only world that exists. That has to be our focus.

If you believe our culture and community is the right fit than select a position and fill out the application. We look forward to meeting you!