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Morning. Noon. Night.

We are a neighborhood cafe — your new daily ritual. Our doors are open morning, noon, and night, every day of the week. Our name stems from the understanding that our decisions connect us to one another. So when we say, "we love you as much as we love coffee," we mean it. When you walk in, you can expect a lot of honesty, laughter, warmth, and sincerity. Yes, our craft is coffee, cocktails and food but our joy is the experience of connection. So come in, sit down and let's get to know one another through craft and conversation.

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We're right around the corner, just down the road, at the end of the street, waiting for you to stop by, give us a call, or shoot us a quick email. Every day, sun up to sun down.


Located in West Village on Film Row

835 W Sheridan Ave, Ste 100
Oklahoma City, OK 7310

Mondays-Saturdays: 7am-10pm

Sundays: 7am-4pm (brunch only)